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w y n o n a

Wynona have firmly stamped their sound as one of authenticity, relevance, and nostalgic maturity

- The Line of Best Fit

Floral, fluid alt-pop with a late 90s feel, Wynona seems to re-frame those nostalgic impulses as something vivid, honest, and true

- Clash

w y n o n a

f e e l i n g  f o r  e d g e s
1 7 / 0 1 / 2 4  v i a  h o b o  k a w a i i

b i o g r a p h y

Wynona started life in Japan where partners Natalie & Rich began their sonic journeys, creating expressive, guitar-driven pop demos at their home studio in central Osaka; finding comfort and a sense of homeliness in their creative output. After returning home to the UK due to the pandemic, they brought together friends, old and new, and began to see some of these songs come to life.


They have since made their breakthrough to tips from an array of tastemakers including The Line of Best Fit, Dork, and Clash as well as support from Jack Saunders who chose their third single ‘Say You Love Me’ as the Featured Next Wave on his Future Artists show.


Self-described ‘mum-jean rock’, the songs are a dreamy meld of influences with a clear admiration for the guitar-driven, romantic pop of the 90s, including bands such as The Sundays and The Cranberries. 2024 will see them release a string of singles via their record label HoboKawaii.



"Feeling For Edges" delves into the complexities of navigating relationships and the struggles of finding stability amidst chaos. This idea came about, unsurprisingly, deep into the UK Covid lockdown, during a writing period that delivered our debut single.


It sat in the middle of our demo pile for a few years until our guitarist Adam came across an early recording and approached the song with a fresh perspective. His production, along with the jangly sonic textures of his guitar, are woven throughout the song, giving it an unmistakable quality of hopefulness and a much-needed silver lining.


With this fresh spin, the song found new life and was captured by Owain Fleetwood-Jenkins at the stunning StudioOwz, a converted chapel surrounded by the rolling hills of Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. ‘Feeling For Edges’ was finished in the gifted hands of long-time friend and collaborator Ross Gilmartin who mixed and mastered the track.



Songwriter(s): Richard Willats, Natalie Woodward

Vocals: Natalie Woodward

Guitars: Adam Hailstone, Richard Willats

Bass: Adam Hailstone

Drums: Kurt Phillips

Production by Adam Hailstone

Recorded By: Owain Fleetwood-Jenkins, Tom Sinnett

Mixing: Ross Gilmartin, Adam Hailstone

Mastering: Ross Gilmartin

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