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Kiss Me, Kiss Me


After dropping their first single of 2024, ‘Feeling For Edges’, and receiving nods of approval from BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and Tara Kumar, Wynona wastes no time in unveiling their most floral pop anthem yet, ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me’.

In the blossoming garden of UK indie music, 'Kiss Me, Kiss Me' marks the second installment in Wynona's series of monthly singles for the year, arriving just in time for February 14th, St. Valentine's Day. This enchanting track features seamless vocals intertwined with captivating jangly guitars, crafting a narrative akin to love letters, reminiscent of blooming romance and awkward first kisses.

Lead vocalist Natalie sheds light on the song's evolution, sharing, “It was written across three different house moves, in a short period of constant transition for us. Originally the lyrics were more cynical and tongue in cheek, but as the guitar arrangement began to evolve, we couldn’t resist softening the edges and giving the song a sweeter nature. We had a support slot on a UK tour fast approaching at the time, and I remember we were keen to get this song finished and into the set.".

She continues, "People would come up to us every night on that run and ask about the song, with some even singing the hook back to us!”.

Guitarist Rich adds, “maybe our enthusiasm for the song came across, as we were still very much basking in the honeymoon phase with it being so new to us”.

Recorded amidst the Romantic Pembrokeshire hills of South West Wales at StudioOwz, Natalie reminisces, “During one session, myself, our engineer, and assistant engineer took a quick ice cream break at a nearby dairy farm. When we got back to the studio it was just the 3 of us, and we decided to record the vocals that afternoon. I ran 4 takes and managed to get all the vocals recorded in 20 minutes.”

Kiss Me, Kiss Me is a deeper exploration into familiar sonic territory for Wynona, a sound that has been widely recognized as a nod to the likes of The Sundays and The Cranberries.

Eager to capitalize on early radio and press support, as well as burgeoning online traction, the band has recently retreated to The Ranch Production House in their hometown of Southampton to record a live version of the song, which will be released in the weeks following the roll-out of the single.

Song Credits

Songwriter(s): Richard Willats, Natalie Woodward Vocals: Natalie Woodward

Guitars: Adam Hailstone, Richard Willats Bass: Ross Gilmartin Drums: Kurt Phillips

Production by  Adam Hailstone, Ross Gilmartin,  

Recorded by Owain Fleetwood-Jenkins, Tom Sinnett Mixing: Ross Gilmartin Mastering: Ross Gilmartin

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