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"Wynona are laser-focused … delivering a golden indie rocker that bobs and grinds along with the whirring of Natalie’s mind and memories" - Beats Per Minute


"Inescapably good guitars and a perfect vocal delivery that highlights a real knack for storytelling" - We Close Tonight


"Wynona are definitely worth keeping an eye on...showing enough songwriting nous, pop sensibilities to leave their future musical direction limited only by their ambition"- Snack Magazine


Rising UK bedroom-pop duo Wynona's sound is led by Natalie’s honeyed melodies over a combination of Rich’s jangled rhythms and nostalgic guitar lines- drawing from, and embodying, the spirit of the Lilith Fair era of pop-rock and artists such as Alanis Morisette, Fiona Apple, and Sheryl Crow.


Wynona began their sonic journey creating expressive, guitar-driven pop at their home studio in Osaka, Japan in 2020; finding comfort and a sense of homeliness in their creative output as they began to feel isolated and homesick alone in a foreign country. 


In the midst of the global pandemic, they caught the very last flight out of Tokyo and continued what they had started, now at home in the UK, writing and recording a considerable amount of original material and building a small team around them. In 2021, they independently recorded and released their debut single “Get Back To Myself”.


The song received immediate support from Spotify who featured it in both their Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Indie playlists, as well as many popular indie music platforms including The Line Of Best Fit, Flavour Magazine and Beats Per Minute. 


Looking to grow from their first release, Natalie & Rich began to work through a backlog of over 100 unreleased demos, this time working with producer Lachlan West (of Walk The Moon, The Griswolds & The Vines) and in doing so, formed a partnership that fully realised their initial sonic ambitions. So far the three of them have produced four tracks since beginning to work together in June 2021, and they look forward to continuing working through the large catalogue of demos and making great, timeless songs. 

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Recent Press

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