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w y n o n a


After releasing their first two singles of 2024, ‘Feeling For Edges and ‘Kiss Me, Kiss Me,’ which garnered approval from BBC Radio 1's Jack Saunders and Tara Kumar, Wynona continues their sonic journey with their new single ‘Tell Me What Comes After,’ set to release on Wednesday, March 20th.

The song is a nostalgic vignette viewed through a modern lens, taking listeners on a hazy journey through a night out that evolves into a reflective longing for the past and excitement for the future.. The arrangement is breathless. From the moment it begins, it hurtles through the motions of a classic romantic indie-pop song inspired by the likes of The Cure and The Cranberries. 

Lead vocalist Natalie shares, “This song came to us effortlessly. When creating it, we discussed influences like Cyndi Lauper and Tears for Fears, which inspired us to incorporate more prominent synth textures into Wynona’s sound for the first time.”

Guitarist Rich continues, “I think we kind of arrived at that point from the initial acoustic guitar riff, as it sounded like it already had a synthetic quality to it, especially when the acoustics were layered and created a natural chorus sound”. 

"We’d like to think that the song has a romantic nostalgia that feels familiar to anyone that stumbles across it", Natalie continues, "as well as having its own identity. We don’t get too hung up on genres or overanalyse our music during the creative process. We just focus on enjoying the songwriting experience.”

Recorded amidst the idyllic rolling Pembrokeshire hills of South West Wales at StudioOwz, the song was mixed and mastered by Ross Gilmartin. 

Eager to capitalize on early radio and press support, as well as burgeoning online traction, the band has recently retreated to The Ranch Production House in their hometown of Southampton to record a live version of the song, which will be released in the weeks following the roll-out of the single.

Song Credits

Songwriter(s): Richard Willats, Natalie Woodward Vocals: Natalie Woodward

Guitars: Adam Hailstone, Richard Willats, Ross Gilmartin Bass: Adam Hailstone Drums: Kurt Phillips

Production by  Ross Gilmartin,  Adam Hailstone

Recorded by Owain Fleetwood-Jenkins, Tom Sinnett Mixing: Ross Gilmartin Mastering: Ross Gilmartin

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